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Red Card

Australian Bushfire Red Card™ (ABRC)


Throughout all states and territories of Australia, many private, non-government and government organisations undertake public safety training in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This training is often tailored for and undertaken with organisational specific aims and objectives in mind.

Australian Bushfire Management Association (ABMA)

The Australian Bushfire Management Association (ABMA) in consultation with industry has developed a national training framework providing a standardised training and competency benchmark.

Red Card

Introduction of a minimum national standard

In April 2021, the ABMA began the roll out of a national training framework for the ‘Australian Bushfire Red Card™’ (ABRC). The ABRC was specifically designed to:

  • Provide a national training framework based on industry standards and expectations
  • Provide national accreditation under the AQF via LRM Training Services (RTO #32552) for skills acquisition (training), verification of competency and/or recognition of prior learning.
  • Provide a mechanism for annual verification of competency and renewal of ABRC prior to fire season/s
  • Enable recognition by LGAs, State/Territory Agencies and other stakeholders for the purpose of streamlining procurement processes
  • Provide role specific level and classification/s aligned to skill sets endorsed by the ABMA as a national standard
  • Provide transparency in individual competency and fitness for work through issuance of co-branded nationally accredited statement of attainments and a physical wallet sized ABRC 
  • Provide employers, incident management teams (IMT) and other stakeholders with immediate verification of competency (nationally accredited Statement of Attainment/s) via a unique QR Code located on the ABRC
  • Aligned and mapped to National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG – USA) standards for the purpose of international resource sharing
  • Demonstrated WHS due diligence for training and competency

​Process for ABRC Application

​The following process is facilitated by LRM for issue of the ABRC:

  • Applicant to read ABRC information and requirements 
  • Follow the link to download the ‘ABRC Application Form’ located at the bottom of this page:
  • Complete all Personal Details, Address & Contact fields
  • Select the ABRC Competency Level for which you wish to apply (noting you will need to provide evidence that you are currently operating at this level)
  • Select any/all Classification/s you wish to have endorsed on your ABRC (noting you will need to provide evidence that you are currently operating at this level)
  • Obtain the supporting evidence and tick the boxes once you have:
    • GP Health assessment or equivalent (attained within the past 12-months), this may include:
      • General health assessment from a GP acknowledging your current ability to operate on a fireground pertaining to the level you are applying for; or
      • RFS Medical; or
      • RAFT medical; or
      • Coal board medical; or
      • Other specific medical/s may be assessed for relevance in consultation with the ABMA Board of Directors.
      • Current Statement of Attainment/s for each unit/s of competency pertaining to the specific level and/or classification you are applying for, noting that you will need to satisfy any pre-requisite requirements in accordance with Note: These may be attained through any RTO. LRM would be pleased to provide a quotation for RPL services if required, please contact us. 
      • Have your employer complete the ABRC Individual Statement of Competency Form (provided by LRM), attesting to your currency undertaking the specific roles associated with the level and/or classification/s you are applying for. 
  • Tick the box for Third Party Consent if you would like LRM Training to share information and/or the outcome of your ABRC Application with your employer.
  • Consider and select the payment options in relation to your investment, noting that prior to an application being assessed, payment of $333.00 must be received in full. This investment includes the issue of your physical ABRC once successfully attained. Payment options are outlined on the ABRC Application Form.
  • Complete all of the questions pertaining to ‘About Yourself’ noting that these are statistical questions only and are recorded in confidence and reported annually to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research in line with RTO requirements.
  • If you have any questions or queries in relation to accessibility and/or equity during your application process, please email with your enquiry and the compliance team will be in touch to assist you through the process.
  • Sign and date the declaration to complete the form and return the application together with your completed supporting evidence to
  • You will receive an automated message confirming receipt of your application.
  • Applications may take 3-5 business days to process and for you to receive notification of your assessment status.
  • Please note, submission of an incomplete application form or evidence may result in delays. The compliance team will advise accordingly as to any gaps and assist you where possible to achieve a successful completion.
  • Once attained, you will receive email verification of ABRC issue and your physical card will be posted to the address nominated on your Application Form. 

LRM are exclusively endorsed by the ABMA to issue the Australian Bushfire Red Card™